Ashley’s Events is now accredited Event planner

EPA Accreditation is a mark of excellence. It is recognized worldwide for trusteed Event Planners Ashley’s Events is Now an Accredited Event Planner At Ashley’s Events we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we provide for our customers and we are passionate about going above and beyond in ensuring that our Events management […]


The Ministry of Health, led by CS Health, Kagwe has estimated 10,000 positive coronavirus cases in Kenya by the end of April. I know most of the people started their lockdown since the first case was reported on March 13th, 2020 in Kenya. Many of people stormed the supermarket to stock up for the lockdown. […]

Wedding checklist

WEDDING CHECKLIST This checklist will enable you to plan your perfect wedding. It will assist you through the busy months ahead. Please remember that not all aspects of this checklist may apply to the style of your wedding.   AS SOON AS POSSIBLE 1 Select a wedding date and time. 2 Discuss a budget and […]

Getting Married in Kenya – destination wedding in Kenya

  How to Get Married in Kenya – Destination Wedding Advice My name is Julie Chege, I am an event planner by profession at Ashley’s Events.  We have planned loads and loads of destination weddings here in Kenya.   For this reason, I am here to provide trusted, independent, information and advice to couples planning […]