shopping during the COVID-19 outbreak
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The Ministry of Health, led by CS Health, Kagwe has estimated 10,000 positive coronavirus cases in Kenya by the end of April.

I know most of the people started their lockdown since the first case was reported on March 13th, 2020 in Kenya.

Many of people stormed the supermarket to stock up for the lockdown. Fast forward, it’s April 20th and the food that was stocked up is now either finished or almost.

Let me remind Kenyans, Corona Virus is not a joke, we are all on the news and we have seen the damage and sorrows it has brought to many families in the most affected countries of the world.

So What if the speculations are no longer speculations and indeed 10,000 coronavirus cases will be a reality by the end of this month? April 30th, 2020?

As I write this article today on Sunday, April 19, 2020, 262 cases of infected people have been confirmed.

Guess what? If this trend continues like this, Lockdown may be inevitable. It is the sad truth and we all must embrace the idea.

It is quite sad that in Kenya most families live from hand to mouth but we all must arise and think about this lockdown and the survival tactics for that.

Ashley’s fresh market with the help of renowned nutritionist Caroline Shalo has compiled a list of items that a normal household in Kenya would need as a lockdown starter package.

Before  I get there, Out of my own experience  these are some of the things I noted during the partial lock own period of March 15th – April 15th, 2020

  1. Avoid buying food that needs refrigeration, WHY! Kenya’s electricity supply is not reliable?
  2. More Data bundle than before. WHY? Doing almost nothing you tend you spend a lot of time online.
  3. If you have children, then you must have noticed they eat like there is an order of food in their stomachs. (on a lighter note though)
  4. Remember well-stored fruits and vegetables can last a long time. See my guide for storing fruits and vegetables in my next publication.
  5. People have made fun of how we will have so many children after the lockdown, ooh well, if you aren’t planning to have any children, then stock up on family planning pills. (haha)
  6. A Kitchen Garden as small as 3x 3 meters can feed a family for weeks, Buy sukuma wiki and spinach seedlings and do the necessary. I did it so I know you can.
  7. We used a lot of soap at home. Why? personal hygiene was a crucial factor at this time of battling Corona Virus outbreak in Kenya
  8. Always keep your phone charged with adequate airtime. WHY? if the speculations will turn out true, a lot of people will go on quarantine, you will always want to check on them.  
  9. Buy some fun items for the children as you will need to keep them busy outdoors, otherwise, they may become couch potatoes.
  10. These are not days to send money to people for reasons that can wait.. Everyone needs to have some Cash money or Mpesa for rainy days to come.
  11. Have some emergency contact numbers at reach for all the family members to see and use

Here are the essential list and survival food for lockdown



  1. Green grams- Dengu – 5Kg
  2. Yellow beans – 5kg
  3. Lentils (Kamande) – 5Kg
  4. Groundnuts (Njugu Karanga) -2 kg
  5. Black beans (Njahi) -5 kg
  6. Soy Beans – 3 kg
  7. Black-eyed peas -3 kgs
  8. Navy beans (Noe) -3 Kg
  9. white bean (Mbaazi) -3 kg
  10. Dried maize (muthokoi)- 5 kg
  11. Rice -10 Kg
  12. Wimbi -5 kg
  13. Flour – Ugali – 5- 10 kg
  14. Unga Chapo – 4 to 5 packets
  15. Long life milk – Has 5 months expiry period
  16. Supergetti -depends with your family needs and taste



  1. Salt – 4 kg
  2. Sugar – 5 kg
  3. cooking oil – 5 liters
  4. Clean Water – Store in jerrycans (Mitungi as I call them hapa nyumbani )
  5. Water guard 



Don’t over-buy fruits as they may not last for long. (See my next guide about storing fruits and vegetables for longer period.)

  1. Oranges – 2 kgs 
  2. Lemons – 2 kgs 
  3. Water-melon – 3 Small/medium ones 
  4. Bananas – You can buy the unripe ones and it will take a few days before they ripe
  5. Tomatoes – buy ripe and unripe (un-ripe being many) – 3 kgs 
  6. Onions – Look for the dry ones – 3 Kgs  (Place them outside to Dry.) 


DETERGENTS and Hygiene produces

  1. Bar soap – 5 bars
  2. Powder detergent – (We call it Omo) lakini we all know its not Omo, its detergent  4 kgs
  3. Sanitizers – 1 liter
  4. Tissue papers – 20 pieces
  5. Liquid soap or beauty soaps – Keeping yourself clean and away from virus
  6. menstrual hygiene products for girls in the house
  7. Bleach (jiK)Hha!  2 liters 
  8. Vinegar – I use it to gaggle every morning and evening to kill sour thought germs (You can use salt)
  9. Masks- I don’t need to explain, Do I? 



  1. Paracetamol – For fevers and pains
  2. Anti-diarrhea meds
  3. Inhalers-
  4. Multivitamins pills – at Chemist you get them for as low as 1 shillings per pill.

please note that pharmacies and health-care shops will obviously remain open from the directives regarding the Essential Services.  So no need to worry about not being able to access necessary assistance. But remember health professionals advice is to avoid self-medicating, it’s always good to seek medical advice especially if you feel any signs of Corona Virus.  



  1. Extra prepaid electricity units
  2. Extra gas or buy a Meko 
  3. Jiko- You will be boiling a lot of cereals 
  4. Charcoal – Yes Makaa 
  5. Torches, Candles and Matches/Lighters
  6. Generator and extra diesel
  7. If you are driving – Cars at full tank 



As social distance is encouraged, YES stocking up on some of the said items and reducing your shopping trip frequency will be a key in battling the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Please and say please, don’t panic buy items in the supermarket. Grocery stores and supermarkets will remain open as they are essential services provider in the food industry.


Is it better to order groceries online or go to the store?

Ooh yes! it’s best to order food online, experts say. Delivery services dramatically reduce your contact with other people: you pay online, and the package is dropped at your door-steps. This is what we are doing for our Nakuru Residents.  

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Written by Julie W. Chege 

Director, Ashley’s Events and The Fresh Market 

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Wedding checklist


ultimate wedding guide

This checklist will enable you to plan your perfect wedding. It will assist you through the busy months ahead.

Please remember that not all aspects of this checklist may apply to the style of your wedding.




Select a wedding date and time.

2 Discuss a budget and how expenses will be shared. Open a separate bank account for the wedding fund.
3 Agree on the size and how formal the wedding will be.
4 Call the clergyman/officiator to confirm the date and schedule appointments to discuss the ceremony.
5 Select location for the ceremony and reception. Remember to pay deposits in order to secure your booking.
6 Select a wedding photographer. Or use Ashleys Events As your one-stop planner
7 Schedule appointment for bridal portrait.
8 Start drafting your guest list. Inform the bride and groom’s family of the number they can invite and by which date you need their list.
9 Organize your engagement announcement.
10 Begin planning a honeymoon destination.
11 Select the colour scheme and theme of your wedding.
12 Order invitations, personal stationery and monogrammed favors for the reception.
13 Choose a Best man/lady for both the bride and groom. Find out their sizes.

Organize the master of ceremonies for your reception.

14 Start looking for and order the bridal gown – schedule the fittings and delivery date.
16 Choose a caterer and plan the menu.
17 Choose a florist that best suits your floral design requirements.
18 Select music/musicians/DJ for the ceremony and/or reception.
19 Order Best maid gowns and schedule the fittings and delivery date.
20 Book wedding cars for the bridal party.

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© 2019 – 2020. website: www.ashleys-events.com


1. Address and mail invitations.
2 Sign up for your bridal registry and select gift options.
3 Order your wedding cake.
4 Buy or hire formal wear for the groom and his groom’s men.
5 Order rental equipment: eg. marquee, tables, chairs, Deco etc.
6 Inform the Bridal party of fitting schedules & of any accessories they may need to buy.
7 Begin making transportation and accommodation arrangements for out of town guests and the wedding party.
8 Begin personal shopping for clothes needed for pre-wedding parties or honeymoon.
9 Make any necessary personal appointments – bank, solicitor, health check-up, beauty, hairdresser, etc.

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Confirm details with all wedding suppliers that all arrangements are proceeding smoothly, i.e. caterer, florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, car hire specialists, hotel/reception manager, etc.
2 Buy wedding rings.
3 Ensure all official wedding documentation is in order.
4 Schedule wedding rehearsal and notify everyone involved.
5 Begin organizing any necessary changes on all personal documentation the bride be taking the groom’s name.
6 Confirm your total wedding look – ensure you have all the necessary accessories for your wedding gown and for your attendants.
7 Finish personal shopping.
8 Finalize honeymoon plans.
9 Plan bridesmaids’ luncheon.
10 Buy bridesmaids’ and other special gifts.
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1 Arrange for final fitting and delivery of all wedding attire.
2 Arrange a trial hair and make-up day. Be sure to try your hairstyle with your veil.
3 Confirm final guest count and inform caterer, reception venue.
4 Have final consultation with florists, photographers, musicians, and other vendors, etc.
5 Finalize transportation and accommodation arrangements for out of town guests and wedding party.
6 Pack an “emergency kit” for the wedding day which may include: safety pins, tissues, cosmetics, hairspray, needle and cotton, extra pantyhose, extra lingerie, eye drops, headache pills, and bandaids.
7 Finalize seating arrangements for the reception.
8 Confirm honeymoon bookings and have ready all necessary documentation: tickets, passports, traveler’s cheques, etc.
9 Pack for honeymoon.
10 If you choose to speak at your reception start deciding on what you what to say.
11 Arrange with your reception to have a table available for last-minute gifts. Ask family members to move gifts home after the wedding.
12 If you are having an envelope box request a table for it with the gift table. Ask a close family member to be responsible for it.
13 Sit down and organize the actual wedding day into some sort of time schedule. Provide the wedding party with the schedule – include maps if necessary.
14 Wear your wedding shoes around the house until they are comfortable.
15 Keep writing thank you notes and relax whenever possible!



1 Place payments for all vendors. into envelopes and give to the groom’s Best man to take care of.
2 Layout everything you will need on the wedding day, right down to the smallest detail. Place everything in a convenient place so that it is easily accessible on the big day.
3 If a hairdresser and/or make-up artist is to attend to you on the day, confirm the appointment.
4 Prepare a going-away outfit.
5 Confirm that all members of the wedding party are organized and well prepared.
6 Prepare what you will have as a good healthy breakfast on your wedding day. This is important and often overlooked. A good breakfast will provide you with the energy you will need to get through the day.
7 Have a massage, manicure, and pedicure and relax.
8 Before going to bed take a warm (not hot) fragrant bath.
9 Complete your evening skin routine so that your skin is moist for your wedding day make-up.
10 Relax!
11 Get to bed early.
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1 Relax and pamper yourself.
2 Be at the ceremony at least five minutes early
3 Smile and enjoy – this is your special day!
Good Luck & Congratulations!
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Getting Married in Kenya – destination wedding in Kenya


Bush Wedding in Kenya

How to Get Married in Kenya – Destination Wedding Advice

My name is Julie Chege, I am an event planner by profession at Ashley’s Events.  We have planned loads and loads of destination weddings here in Kenya.  

For this reason, I am here to provide trusted, independent, information and advice to couples planning their wedding in Kenya.

I have designed this article to help you with every legal stage of planning a destination wedding in Kenya.

I have realized that destination weddings are becoming more and more popular as more couples in the diaspora are making the decision to get married in Kenya.

Some of these destination weddings are either by Kenyans Living abroad or other nationalities who want to exchange vows while on safari.

Kenya, for sure is a beautiful country with picturesque scenery and outstanding landscapes, some of which make it the ultimate wedding destination.

The country has an amazing selection of wedding venues that will suit your destination dreams.

For example, a wedding in the wild will entice your imagination of nature and wildlife, on the other hand, imagine yourself getting married at the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Can you just imagine neat palm trees and a beautiful and gentle breeze blowing across your faces as you recite your vows.

What about the landscape of Rift Valley? Breathtaking! 

Let us stop the imagination and get to business because if you have not completed the following legal steps I am going to share below, the above imagination will just remain as imagination.

But Wait! Before we think of the legalities let’s first think of what kind of wedding you are looking to have in Kenya.

If you wish to celebrate your wedding in Kenya, there are a few options available:

Religious Ceremonies

All types of wedding ceremonies are recognized under Kenyan law: for example, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, and traditional Kenyan.

The Kenyan registrar will hold records of Christian ceremonies, and marriage certificates are issued for Christian, Hindu and Islamic ceremonies.

Affidavits are issued for traditional African ceremonies.

For some religious ceremonies in Kenya, it’s very important that you contact your church and the registrar of marriages for information and requirements, paperwork, and terms and conditions. This is because, for example, one thing you may need to know is what act your chosen church falls under—

many Kenyan churches use the African Christian Marriage & Divorce Act, which is unsuitable for non-Africans who can only get married under the Marriage Act (Cap 150/1).

Civil Ceremonies

A civil ceremony can be arranged if a religious ceremony isn’t for you, or if you would simply prefer to get married in a special location.

Civil ceremonies in Kenya can be held anywhere from a registrar office to a venue of your choice—

as long as the venue holds a special wedding license. Make sure you check this beforehand!

Blessings / Renewal of Vows

Couples can organize to have a blessing ceremony to celebrate their union, or married couples may choose to renew their vows. These can take place in a choice of beautiful locations and with very little paperwork, though no official certificates are supplied.

Now that is covered, let’s think about the wedding paperwork.

What’s the Wedding Paperwork?

As soon as you decide on the type of wedding you want, and the location, you’ll need to contact the registrar general in Nairobi with all of the necessary documentation in order to receive a marriage license.

Contact your Destination Wedding planner.

Make Wedding Enquiry Message to us. Leave the stress of planning your wedding, Ashley’s Events have been in business for the last 15 years, we can plan your destination wedding, you actually get here in Kenya a few days before your wedding and everything will be on point. Visit our website for more information.  www.ashleys-events.com


What are the legal requirements to get married in Kenya?

  • The legal age for marriage is 21 years for both men and women. If women are between 16 and 20 years and men are between 18 and 20 years then parental consent is required.
  • Bride and Groom may not be related by blood, marriage or adoption.
  • Two witnesses are required
  • Same-sex marriages are not permitted in Kenya.


How long do I have to be a resident in Kenya before I can get married?

You will need to arrive in Kenya at least four days in advance of your wedding in order to finalize all the paperwork.


You will need to be in the country to apply for a Special License in person at the Registrar General in Nairobi and then approval can take up to approximately 4 days. For an ordinary marriage license, you have to give 21 days’ notice, which is why most non-residents opt for a Special License.

Proof of departure from the country e.g. Airline ticket will help speed up the process.


How do I get a marriage license?

You must take the papers mentioned below to the Registrar Office, Sheria House, Nairobi.

  •  Kenya Marriage Registrar’s Office
  •  Registrar General
  • Sheria House
  • 2nd Floor, Room 208
  • P.O. Box 30031
  • Nairobi
  • Tel: +254 020 227 461


What legal papers do I need to take with me?

  • Passports and photocopies.
  • Full birth certificates and photocopies.
  • The Tourist Card when you entered Kenya.
  • Certificate of Single Status which you can obtain from your home country.
  • If you have been divorced then the final divorce papers must be shown.
  • If you are widowed then the death certificate of your previous spouse must be shown, and a copy, and your former marriage certificate.
  • If you have changed your name then deed poll proof must be shown, stamped by a solicitor.


Disclaimer: This information is for guidance purposes only and liable to change without notice. Please check with your wedding planner or Kenyan embassy in your country