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At Ashley’s Events, we believe in growing a business and sustain the value of our business by what we give to our host communities. This is where Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) stands as a key component of  Ashely’s Events and its business activities.

We believe improving the lives of the less privileged is not the sole responsibility of Government and therefore Ashleys Events have taken social responsibility endeavors since our inception by supporting all the activities of Valley of Tumaini Children’s home

Community Policy Statements

Ashley’s Events is  committed to making meaningful contributions to the society we operate in as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility vision with the aim of:

  • Putting our competencies into good use for the benefit of the community.
  • Being an active supporter and participant of social causes that are aligned with our company’s core values.
  • Encouraging and supporting our employees’ engagement in corporate volunteering and community work.

Enriching lives to create a healthier and happier world by supporting orphaned and vulnerable children in Kenya

Primary strategic CSR objectives:

  • to create a positive company image among stakeholders (particularly among clients, current and potential employees and the local community); the company aspires to be perceived as co-responsible for the natural environment and friendly to the public and employees, who – besides employment – are offered a chance to participate in a joint mission,
  • also, to be seen as responsible for the quality of its products intended for children, whose well-being is a real value to the company,
  • to increase the trust of clients and other parties (suppliers, recipients, and subcontractors),
  • to strengthen the company‘s market position,
  • to improve employee satisfaction,
  • to develop a solid employer brand,
  • to provide comprehensive and methodical CSR management.

Ashleys Events is a CSR Accredited Company

CSR accredited business in Kenya