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Event Management College

Enroll and Earn a Certificate in Event Management .



  1. Learn about what an event decorator does on a day to day basis, as well as what services you can offer 
  2. Study the clients Consultation process, find out which questions to ask and learn how to use that information to plan and design an event concept 
  3. Explore how color scheme , color theory, and color psychology all impact the tone and atmosphere of an event . learn about the most popular color schemes 
  4. Discover how to execute a cohesive theme through various elements 
  5. Learn how to create a practical layout for an event that incorporates your overall design 
  6. Discover the Various types of flowers,  You will learn to work with florist to find the perfect march for your overall design 
  7. Find out how to march different centerpieces with a number of table styles as well as how to incorporate stationary into table décor 
  8. Study lighting and its variations to understand how it affect the mood and ambiance
  9. Explore options and advantages for working with different vendors to supply different event equipment 
  10. Explore the steps to starting your own event décor business and learn what you need to get started 
  11. Learn to write event proposals and how much to charge for each service, then identify your target market 
  12. Learn how to build a brand from creating your brand persona to developing marketing materials 
  13. Troubleshoot event plans to identify potential problem areas before they emerge
  14. Understand the impact of social media on your business, and learn how to use social channels to network with clients 
  15. Discover the future of Events 
  16. Earn Hand on Experience from attachment offered by Ashley’s Events and their affiliates 

Course Requirements 

This course requires students to complete the following: 

  • 30% Presentation
  • 20% Exam
  • 20% classroom participation 
  • 30% Attachment

Admission Requirement

  • High school Certificate
  • Minimum Grade D+

Course Duration

  • 3 month Intensive coaching
  • 3 Months Practical work
  • Total Duration 6 months 

Target audiences

  • This Training is relevant to people who have completed high school and want to venture into the industry
  • It is also ideal for managers or any individuals who have responsibility for the delivery of events for their organization
  • Ideal for Event Company owners who want to possess a certificate in Event Management

How to Go About

  1. Create an Account by Registering  on the link below
  2. It will redirect you to your student portal
  3. Click Available courses and on the RIGHT side of the page of course CLICK Buy now
  4. You Can pay by MPESA or PAYPAL.
  5. When your order is complete – Send your payments details to +254720590615
  6. Your Course will be Activated and you can log in back to your studies.
  7. Once you complete your studies with a passing marks of 80%, A certificate will be issued
  8. Job Placements are also available once your course is completed
  9. You Can choose to Learn online or in Classroom set up.
  10. Class room set up – Nakuru and Nairobi (You are free to call for details)

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